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Obtaining Light Aircraft Pilot Licence allows you to fly for pleasure, to go on trips with private airplane.

Course for LAPL(A) complies with PART FCL.


• Candidate must be at least 16 years of age before solo flight
• An applicant for a LAPL shall be at least 17 years of age
• An applicant for the LAPL(A) shall have sufficient knowledge of mathematics and physics
• An applicant for LAPL(A) shall hold at least valid Class 2 medical certificate before first solo flight

The course consists of theoretical and flying training. Flying training will be performed in uncontrolled and in controlled airspaces.

Theoretical knowledge consists of 100 hrs lectures from nine subjects:

• Principles of flight
• Aircraft general knowledge
• Flight performance and planning
• Operational procedures
• Navigation
• Meteorology
• Air law and ATC procedures
• Communication
• Human performance

We offer individual programme starting on request.


At least 30 hours of flight instruction in aeroplanes, from that at least 15 hrs of dual flight instruction and 6 hrs of supervised solo flight time.
Training is conducted on single-engine aircrafts Piper Tomahawk PA-38 or Cessna 172.
Practical part is mainly conducted from airport Divača.

Theoretical part: exam on CAA (Civil Aviation Agency).
Practical part: flight with examiner.

If you want to see how the training is conducted, you can make a reservation for INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT.

Flight school

Janez let is slovenian flight school No. SLO/ATO/015 that trains pilots at international European standards. All our training programs are approved and supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Republic of Slovenia. Licenses that pilots get after training are recognized by all European countries.

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    Success Story:

    Nikolay Legomanov, 26 years, Sofia (Bulgaria), Commercial pilot flying for Aerial work company

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    Success Story

    Dimitar Ivanov, 29 years, Skopje (Macedonia), First officer on A320 at Wizz Air

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