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When can I start?

Dates for PPL theory are published on the website. Usually they begin in the autumn and winter period and shall be completed in spring, the onset of favorable weather conditions for flying. Commencement for other theory courses begin by prior arrangement between candidates and flight instructor . We offer you a group theory , as well as individual , where we try to adjust to your time as much as possible.

are the landing fees included in the price ?

Prices include landing charges and fees at the airport Divača. During training candidates often fly to other airports in the surrounding areas (Trieste, Ljubljana, Rijeka, Zagreb ... ) where landing fees are extra charged according to the price list of the airport operator.

can the flights be conducted throughout the year

Yes. Flying is otherwise more often conducted in the spring period and during the summer months when the weather conditions are most favorable to fly. We also fly in the winter and autumn, if only weather conditions permit.

on which days do I fly? On what time do I fly?

Days and hours of flight time shall be agreed individually between a student and instructor assigned to him. Our instructors are available seven days a week. Time of flying in a day depends on the exercises that you perform that day. Generally, in the beginning of the training, flying lessons are not more than an hour. Hours extends towards the end of the course, when you may fly for two hours and more at once.

Where does the lecturers take place?

Lectures take place at the company's headquarters , at Street Juša Kozak 1 , in Ljubljana

How long does the lectures last?

Lectures are being held once per week and they last for approximately 3 hours per day. If the candidates agree with the lecturer they may also take place several times a week .

where does the practical training take place?

Practical training takes place at our home base in Divači where our fleet is stationed. One aircraft is currently stationed at the International airport Jože Pučnik in Ljubljana, so the flying is also possible from there too.

How long does the practical course last?

The duration of practical course depends on individual coordination between the student and his flight instructor. For PPL course, in avarage, it takes 30 flying days.

Are the lectures required?

Yes. The flight school is keeping records of student presence for each subject. Listening to the theory and positive assessment in examinations is also a condition to start the practical part of the training.

can I fly several times a day?

Flying is limited to two flights per day if each of the flights represent different exercise. In the event that candidate performs the same exercise, he/she may fly more than twice a day , but not more than 5 hours .

Where can I undergo a medical examination?

Medical examination can be done at any doctor who is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority . List can be found at this link: http://www.caa.si/fileadmin/user_upload/pageuploads/LIC/Seznami/LIC-31-pooblasceni_zdravniki.pdf

I have certain health problems. Can I still fly ?

Aviation Medical Examiner will decide if you are fit to fly. If the candidate has any doubt about the state of health , we recommend that a medical examination is carried out before the commencement of training.

can I rent an aircraft after I pass my exam?

Of course . The purpose of training is to provide candidates with the necessary skills to supplement their knowledge with solo flying. Aircraft can be rented anywhere in Europe and around the world . Aircrafts can also be rented, at a very affordable price, in our flight school.

Flight school

Janez let is slovenian flight school No. SLO/ATO/015 that trains pilots at international European standards. All our training programs are approved and supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Republic of Slovenia. Licenses that pilots get after training are recognized by all European countries.

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