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Ljubljana - Rimini - Ljubljana, Piper Seneca, 4 persons

Are you tired of long drive with a car to a business meeting in Italy? We can get you there fast and for attractive price. You will save a lot of time and money.  

More flight examples

With the fleet of our aircraft we can take you to more than 1000 destination across the Europe. Below are some examples of flight that our passengers flight the most.

For information and price for your flight contact us via e-mail or call by phone. 

Bussines Flights

Business air taxis are the fastest, the most confortable and the safest way of traveling. With the company Janez let air taxis became, regarding the price, comparable to other ways of transportation.

  • 22. Aug. 2014

    Success Story:

    Nikolay Legomanov, 26 years, Sofia (Bulgaria), Commercial pilot flying for Aerial work company

    I heard about Janez let, from a colleague two years ago, when I was wondering where to continue my training after gaining th...  več
  • 11. Feb. 2014

    Success Story

    Dimitar Ivanov, 29 years, Skopje (Macedonia), First officer on A320 at Wizz Air

    In flight school Janez let I got knowledge and flying experience which have later helped me to got a job. All have been nice, kind and hosp...  več